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Stumble Upon

19 Nov 2006

A few months ago I found this firefox plugin called StumbleUpon. It allows me to randomly surf the internet by just clicking a button. The feature I like is that I can collect my bookmarks and keep them available on a website. Below is my stumbleupon page.

Finally Locale Configuration

17 Sep 2006

I wrote a language / Locale configuration dialog. Its just a simple idea right now but it does the basics. Right now it only supports la_CN.enc@mod format. See below for a screener:


Edje Flip Policy

09 Aug 2006

A while back E17 used to have a cool "bug" in the edge flipping logic.

Edge flipping is used on computer desktops when your have virtual desktop systems. Virtual desktops are very popular in Linux and UNIX desktop systems.  One feature for virtual desktops is edge flipping.  When edge flipping is enabled and one moves the mouse to the edge of the screen the screen will flip to an adjacent desktop if on is available.

This is probably pretty confusing if you are a windows user.

Anyway, I added some configuration:


Organic Edje

06 Aug 2006

I had an idea about randomly creating edje layouts. Basically layers would be selected at random to create an organic user experience. I have created an example below.


Better Scaling

24 Jul 2006

I guess the way I scaled the face of the clock was bothering some people. I have used cubic scaling and now it works better.

Have a look below and download the new theme if you like.