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Name Stafford Mitchell Horne
Date of Birth March 29th 1981
Contact Details Phone +81 090 7004 5057


Work together with talented, self motivated, colleagues to design and implement robust and scalable hardware and software solutions to meet our business needs. Have fair compensation and a good work life balance which allows me to pursue my Open Source projects.


High School

Southwest High School, El Centro, California, USA


San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA


2003: Bachelor of Science (Computer Engineering) San Jose State University, California, USA

2003: Minor (Mathematics) San Jose State University, California, USA

Technical Summary

I consider myself a full stack engineer, having working experience from low level digital design up to robust distributed systems handling millions of financial transactions a day. The below are highlights of the technology I am familiar with.

Programming Languages

I have experience developing systems using the following programming languages. This list is roughly ordered by lines of code.

Operating Systems

I have experience programming on and administering the following operating systems.

Computer Architectures

I have experience working on, programming and debugging the hardware for the following platforms, this includes writing assembly and driver development.

Hardware Design

I have experience and am competent with the following aspects of electrical engineering.

Graphics and Design

I have experience designing for web, desktop and print which has taught me the following technologies and aspects of layout and design.

Distributed Technology

I have experience setting up robust distributed systems with low downtime and zero data loss via transaction safe processing. The technologies I am familiar with are the following.

Network Protocols

I have experience programming and debugging services for some of the following network protocols

Development Tools

As with any developer having the right tools in your toolbelt increases productivity. Below is a list of what I use on almost a daily basis.


Distributed Systems

I have extensive experience designing and building distributed systems. This has ranged form load balancing email servers to financial transaction processing systems. Building these systems has included designing web administration and monitoring platforms as well as developer tools to make developing, testing and configuring these systems easier.

In finance, systems need to be guaranteed to not lose a single transaction. Designing these systems required me to think about how to recover from failure for every bit of code by using ACID transactions.

Along with designing the robust systems which process millions of transactions I am interested the user interface to these systems. I am interested in and have have experience developing non technical user Web Applications to allow the configuration of these systems. I am also interested in how technical users can monitor and administer the system by creating meaningful logs, metrics and management interfaces.

I am also interested and have a lot of success in tuning performance issues and troubleshooting bugs in these distributed systems.


I have knowledge in both Network and Application level security. I have knowledge and experience in securely configuring and designing networks, network servers, services and firewalls. I have implemented scalable solutions which defend against network attacks at connection level as well as deal with deep content scanning.

At the application level I am familiar with methods for identifying and patching security issues. I am familiar with low level software security issues like Format String and Buffer Overflow vulnerabilities.

Cryptography and the math behind it is also interesting to me. I have implemented STARTTLS on mail servers and have a deep understanding of Private/Public key encryption schemes.

OpenRISC, Linux and Open Source

As a computer engineer I have a background in both hardware and software engineering. As my day job is mainly high level systems programming I keep my hardware knowledge sharp by contributing to open source projects.

I am currently the Linux kernel maintainer for the OpenRISC architecture. My experience working on OpenRISC and the Linux kernel since 2016 has allowed me to work with excellent people and code bases.

As maintainer I have worked to develop, cleanup, review and test Linux patchsets for the OpenRISC architecture. This activity has also allowed me to work on and improve OpenRISC on so many other systems including GDB, GCC, OpenOCD and QEMU.

Networking & Administration

I administer several machine as simply a part of software development and ensure they all run smoothly and can synchronise and backup their settings and other information over a LAN. I write many shell scripts & C programs to help with this - as well as know how to configure all the services on my systems (dhcp, dns, apache, mail, users etc.)


I have hobbies of guitar, rock climbing, skateboarding and coffee. I can speak Mandarin Chinese conversationally, Japanese conversationally and get by with German. I enjoy speaking and learning foreign languages, as well as travel.

Work Experience

SMBC Nikko - August 2018 - Now (Tokyo, Japan)

OpenRISC Project Maintainer - July 2017 - Now

Morgan Stanley Software Engineer - December 2006 - August 2018 (Tokyo, Japan)

SurfControl plc Engineering Manager - July 2004 - December 2006 (Beijing, China)

MessageSoft Inc Software Engineer - Sept 2003 - July 2004 (San Jose, California - Beijing, China)

San Jose State University Teacher's Assistant - November 2002 - May 2003 (San Jose, California, USA)

General Experience

As an avid Linux and open source enthusiast. I have spent many years of my free time administering home computers and learning the ins and outs of the Linux OS kernel, file systems and general architecture.

Open Source Projects

I have been contributing to open source projects since university as a means to keep learning and work with great people.

University Projects




Available on request