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How should I start? My name is Stafford Horne, usually my alias online is shorne, however, when that is not available I use stffrdhrn. I grew up in Southern California and had a pretty normal life until I graduated high school. In school I enjoyed math and I was beginning to catch on with these things called PC’s and programming languages.

I began programming basic when I was around 12 years old. I remember the first program I wrote was an animation of a truck that drove back and forth across the screen. In high school I was turned on to linux by some friends of mine but I didn’t get to far into it until I got my own computer in college.

I attended San Jose State University, which is in bay area California, for a BS in Computer Engineering. At university computers and math came natural to me, and I actually learned assembly and C on my own before I took any of the classes. As a Computer Engineering student I was never able to conclude which computer path to take, software or hardware. In school I chose to persue both software and hardware equally.

After graduating from SJSU I started a job as a software engineer in Fremont California where I worked on Linux. Soon after being hired I was asked to transfer to Beijing, China to help with a Chinese startup branch.

I worked as a software engineer for SurfControl China in Beijing China for 3 years.

In December of 2006 I moved to Tokyo, Japan to persue a new career. I am now working at a Financial Services Company as a software engineer. Japan has been kind to me so far, I can't imagine where I will go next.

If you need to contact me about something important. I have the the following contact channels: