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12 May 2007

Today I received a mail on the enlightenment file list and I was suprised to see a little icon displayed in the mail header. As you may know, I have working on mail filtering servers before, so I am very familiar with how e-mail works and the various headers.

I was supprised to discover the X-Face header. It seems to be a pretty neat idea but its rather limited, See below. Anyway, I was just wondering what happens if I try to clear up the image a bit. I applied a 5.0 px gaussian blut and I got what looks like ablurred photograph.

Now, if everyone placed their own faces in their emails using this technique I might be inclined to write a patch for my mail client, Sylpheed, to automatically apply the blur. The only problem is that this is not very popular at all.

Xface image - me X Face - me (blurred)