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Google Android - take 1

01 Oct 2008

Just recently, in America, google and t-mobile released the G1.  This new phone takes advantage of googles new android mobile OS.

I have been waiting to see if this phone is worth the wait, if not I will buy the iPhone.  So far things look bad. There is no sign of a Japan release and the first edition from the US does not look so promising. One review sums up G1 pretty well with 10 shortcomings. From my perspective only 5 of these issues are valid, lets see why:

 Doesn't bother me

  • No exchange - I dont use exchange for personal mail, neither should most people
  • Desktop synching - This phone is meant to privide access to web services, the desktop is obsolete
  • Skimpy Storage - For me, 1GB is enough
  • No video recording - Who really uses video recording? Its a novelty item
  • Accelerometer quirk - I Can write my own software if I need to fix this


  • Wanted: 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Stingy data cap
  • Battery life
  • Uninspiring interface
  • Multitouch MIA

For now I will be planning on getting an iPhone for me and my girlfriend and wait for the Japan release before considering android again.

Medal Count

28 Aug 2008

As everyone knows, the Beijing olympics is over and the medal counts are in. Who is on top? If you look at news agecies from China, Australia or Great Britain they will tell you the Chinese, who have the most gold medals. But if you look at the US Olympic coverage they will tell you USA is in first with the most Total medals. Now why can't the United States of America just do things like other countries?

This chart shows China at the top with 51 gold medals
Australia Medal Count

This chart shows the US at the top with
NBC Medal Count

Now, these olympics were great. I just about cried during the opening and closing ceremonies as well as when the Japanese won the Softball gold. What else can I say?

Japan Driver's License - Day 2

03 Jun 2008

Well,  day 2 is over and I passed.  It was not so hard.  Here are some tips: drive slowly, look around and listen to the instructor.  The wait was pretty long and it overlaps with lunch hour so you might want to bring some food.

Here we are:
Drivers License

Japan Driver's License - Day 1

20 May 2008

Here in Japan, Americans with a valid US license can go through a license transfer process to acquire a Japanese drivers license. The process takes 2 days.  One day for registering and taking a written test and one day for taking a behind-the-wheel test. See more information at Japanese Driver's License and Driving Test Tips.

Today I finished day 1.

The problem I had this morning was that all of the addresses for the places in Tokyo were only in English.  This is fine, but there are not many English maps of Japan.  Searching google maps for these addresses doesn't return much.  So here it is, the Japanese translations and maps for the places one in Tokyo needs to go:

JAF Headquarters Tokyo
Tokyo 105-8562 2-2-17 Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo

Samezu Driver's License Center
1-12-5, Higashi-Oi, Shinagawa-ku


Fuchu Driver's License Center
3-1-1, Tama-cho, Fuchu-shi


English origins:

A few lists

18 May 2008

Its been a busy year. A few weeks back I took some time off for golden week and traveled to Bali Indonesia. We left on May 5th and flew back on may 10th. While in Bali, Sachi and I found plenty of things to keep us busy.

  • Rented a bali bike, 50,000 rupiah a day
  • Played golf in Ulu watu New Kuta
  • Drank beer, Bali Hai is better than Bintang
  • Rafting
  • Ate dinner kalimantan
  • Hiking in the rice terrace, surrounded by jungle
  • Went to a Spa

Lately I have been up to other things. I have acquired quite a few new and old hobbies.

  • Playing Golf
  • Baking
  • Working on contacts application