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27 Sep 2007

Icon titles seem to be shortened up a bit in e17 fileman. This doesnt work so well for me. Attached is a patch to fix that:

Problem Label

Text Before

Fixed Label

Text After

Index: default_fileman.edc
RCS file: /cvs/e/e17/apps/e/data/themes/default_fileman.edc,v
retrieving revision 1.63
diff -u -r1.63 default_fileman.edc
--- default_fileman.edc 19 Sep 2007 19:38:25 -0000      1.63
+++ default_fileman.edc 27 Sep 2007 12:58:16 -0000
@@ -7267,7 +7267,7 @@
               text:     "No Title";
               size:     10;
                font: "Sans:style=Bold,Edje-Vera-Bold";
-              min:      0 1;
+              min:      1 1;
               align:    0.5 1.0;
               elipsis:  0.0;
               text_class: "desktop_fileman_icon";

E IPC - Dbus Replacement

18 Jul 2007

I have been talking to raster for some time about replacing the e17 ipc mess with dbus. A while back it just didnt seem like it be feasable for the e17 release. But now with e_dbus looking good and e17's file manager dependencies on hal it looks like it might be our ticket to cleaning up the enlightenment remote interface. The basic Idea is to provide very basic ipc functionality build into E (load,remove,list modules). Other ipc functionality should be extensible through modules.

I hacked on this concept a bit, basically to relearn most of the dbus stuff, I ended up with a module which advertises some e17 interfaces on dbus.

For now I call it taxi.


Cheese Cake

16 Jul 2007

I went down to Yokohama (横浜) with my girlfriend Sachi yesterday to watch Harry Potter and go shopping. Originally I wanted to buy some song books to learn some Japanese songs. In the music store I happened to bump into something intesting. I found that the kurosawa music store there carries house made guitars of the name 'Stafford'.

For obvious reasons I had to buy one. The guitar I picked up is called 'Maple Cheese Cake' because of the material and color. See below:


Nice guitar, ready to play.


Brand name on the back.

The Environment

13 Jul 2007

There has been something bothering me on my desktop for a while. It seems that whatever I try to do LD_LIBRARY_PATH can not be set when starting a session via gdm. I used to think that is was just because my .bash_profile was not getting loaded, but it was, my other variables were set fine PATH, LDFLAGS, CFLAGS, etc.

I used to get around this by writting small scripts such as:


pushd /opt/shorne/xine/bin
exec ./gxine "$*"


But today, I had some free time and a lightbulb went dead. I needed to figure it out. I did a few google searchs and came up with this gem "ssh-agent is smart enough to detect that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a potential security hole, and is thus not to be trusted".

So, I went into my /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc-common and cleared SSH_AGENT. After logging in everything works fine. Finally.

Last FM

26 May 2007

Two postings in a day, I am going mad. This is cool:

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