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22 Feb 2009

Yesterday, Sachi and I were going to a concert for the Yomiuri Orchestra in Ikebukuro, a town on the west side of Tokyo. We received free tickets from Sachi's father, who works for Yomiuri. The nice thing about watching the symphony is that the music is really relaxing and sometimes we get to fall asleep. I guess its ok because most of the people there also sleep. Maybe its a Japanese tradition.

After the concert we left Ikebukuro for shinjuku to do some shopping. First we went to I-Setan. There we bought some really nice bread; German style muesli rolls, pretzel rolls and some anpan.

We also saw some of that really expensive fruit you always hear about. Now, I have seen melons priced at $80 before but this time I saw strawberries.

Japanese strawberries for the sick

The price says 12600Yen, which is about 135USD today. You could also buy one for about $20 if you don't want to splurge.

Anyway, after that we took our bread and went looking for an Indian restaurant because we felt like eating curry. We walked and walked in the north direction and didn't find anything until we got up to Shinokubo; the Tokyo Korea town. By that time we decided we were pretty much hungry for anything and decided to have some Korean BBQ.

The food turned out to be pretty good until I decided to order some Maccori. The lady asked me if I wanted sweet or dry, I chose dry. Next think I know she brings out a one liter bottle and starts to open it. Within about 30 minutes I am done with the bottle and speaking Chinese and having a good time with the owner of the restaurant who is from Taiwan. I give them my business card to staple onto the roof, pay the bill and leave.

By the time I got home I realized we left the bread in the Korean restaurant. I hope they ate it for us.