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Chinese Banking

28 Jan 2006

As I said last time I was going to go to the bank. So I did, I went down to two foreign banks, HSBC and Citibank. Both banks are chinese subdivisions so they can not provide the services of the larger parent companies.

Citibank china only offers a RMB savings account. No ATM card, no Credit card, no money exchange. The only thing is offers is over the counter money access and an online wealth management service. Since I need access to my money in foreign countries this is no good.

HSBC offers a little more. They offer money exchange, but they charge 0.25% for extracting USD and EUR. The charge for converting JPY is 0.35%. This account is also useless as I can only get my money out of the bank over the counter in their Beijing office. I think they also offer money transfter to international bank accounts, but there is also a fee the needs to be paid for this.

In the end I chose to just stay with my chinese bank China Merchants bank and get a Visa credit card. This will allow me to access my money work wide. I can still can not exchange RMB for foreign currency in china.

Banking with qmail

26 Jan 2006

Its the first day of my spring vacation and I figured I better get some things done. Today, I was planning on going down to CitiBank and seeing about my options with the bank accounts here in China. I have been looking for a single bank which offers the following:

  • RMB Savings (Deposit RMB)
  • Credit Card
  • Able to remove USD (using current market exchange rate, no raping on the fees)
  • Accessable work wide

This sounds reasonable, but most banks in china do not offer and RMB to foreign currency exchange. This makes it difficult for me when I need to travel. I did some research online and found I could apply for an RMB Savings online. After applying I waited for a response and got none. I have decided to just go in tomorrow, in person.

Later in the day I set up qmail on my machine. I need to set it up so I can get familiar with it while tracking down a bug at work. Final results:

  • I have a new email address:
  • Mail is delivered straight to my laptop
  • My mail is gathered by fetchmail then delivered locally using qmail
  • All mail is first dropped into my ~/Mailbox mbox queue (This is handy for reading mail remotely using the mail command)
  • I can use mail to quickly send mail from my new mail account
  • Evolution can pick up all the mail from the mbox queue

The overall setup was easy, just had to create a .fetchmailrc .mailrc and compile and configure qmail. One tip: RTFM
What a busy day


11 Jan 2006

Me Looking Stupid

Just testing some features. Please have fun checking out my new photo gallery.

Pushing On

10 Jan 2006

Well, how stupid this wordpress blogger software is.  I was changing some options and the whole thing doesn't work. I would think that they would put some validation before I change options.  Anyway, I got it to work again by changing my apache root and manually editing the options though mysql. I think I will try another blogger software.

Getting Started

08 Jan 2006


I am just writting this in the morning at 1:20AM.  I got back from a good sushi dinner with my friend yaping and decided to try out this blogging software.  Seems to work great so far.

Lets chat more later.