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Banking with qmail

26 Jan 2006

Its the first day of my spring vacation and I figured I better get some things done. Today, I was planning on going down to CitiBank and seeing about my options with the bank accounts here in China. I have been looking for a single bank which offers the following:

This sounds reasonable, but most banks in china do not offer and RMB to foreign currency exchange. This makes it difficult for me when I need to travel. I did some research online and found I could apply for an RMB Savings online. After applying I waited for a response and got none. I have decided to just go in tomorrow, in person.

Later in the day I set up qmail on my machine. I need to set it up so I can get familiar with it while tracking down a bug at work. Final results:

The overall setup was easy, just had to create a .fetchmailrc .mailrc and compile and configure qmail. One tip: RTFM
What a busy day