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Better Hands

24 Jul 2006

It turns out the the main poblem is the clock was not the ticks but it was the hands. I have updated it with some new hands. I only have a mockup available now.

Expect the theme coming at you this evening.

Take a look:

Better Hands


Little Clock Theme

23 Jul 2006

I always didn't like the default clock in the Bling enlightenment theme because I can't tell the time without ticks on the clock. I made this new one. Try it out if you like.

Download the theme and save it into your theme path, Enable the theme using:

$ enlightenment_remote -theme-set theme/modules/clock shorne-etheme.edj
$ enlightenment_remote -restart



Back in Beijing for a while

18 Jul 2006

Well, I have been away for a while and have been losing a lot of time to work on E17. Now they seem to be paying people to fix bugs on the project. I don't need money to work on it, I just need a bit more free time.

I just got back from a series of business trips. Once to the bay area in the US and the next week to Sydney Australia. I don't feel like traveling much anymore. Take a look at the picture below of the view from Taronga Zoo.
Sydney at Night

Paths for Enlightenment

09 Apr 2006

I took a few moments to put together a configuration dialog for the enlightenment search paths. The entry for new directories is still just a plain text, I would like to see an entry with tab completion for directories but that will have to come later.



Jedi Name?

04 Apr 2006

I am casting off my old name! My Jedi name is</p>

HORST CAEL of the planet X!

Find your Jedi Name!</td> </tr> </table>