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The Environment

13 Jul 2007

There has been something bothering me on my desktop for a while. It seems that whatever I try to do LD_LIBRARY_PATH can not be set when starting a session via gdm. I used to think that is was just because my .bash_profile was not getting loaded, but it was, my other variables were set fine PATH, LDFLAGS, CFLAGS, etc.

I used to get around this by writting small scripts such as:


pushd /opt/shorne/xine/bin
exec ./gxine "$*"


But today, I had some free time and a lightbulb went dead. I needed to figure it out. I did a few google searchs and came up with this gem "ssh-agent is smart enough to detect that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is a potential security hole, and is thus not to be trusted".

So, I went into my /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc-common and cleared SSH_AGENT. After logging in everything works fine. Finally.

Last FM

26 May 2007

Two postings in a day, I am going mad. This is cool:

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A Fan is Born

25 May 2007

Something new has happened lately. I have become a huge Nine Inch Nails fan. I always listened to them and thought it was ok. Now I find myself listening to the music all of the time and all of it seems to stay bouncing around inside of my head.

It all started when I went down to Yokohama a few weeks back. I saw a CD store and figured I should pick up a new CD. The only thing that looked good was a new Nine Inch Nails release "Year Zero". I picked it up and forgot about it for about a day, then finally listened to it. I thought, this is OK, a few songs are good. A few days passed and I listened to it again. This time I was blown away, the music really sank in and I was able to get it all.

Next thing I know I went to their website and found that they were having a concert in Tokyo. I got tickets to the concert and it was amazing. I never thougt of them as a rock band, but Trent came out with his Epiphone Les Paul and created some of the heaviest sounding guitar riffs I have ever heard.

I just bought a new CD/DVD (WITH_TEETH):

With Teeth


12 May 2007

Today I received a mail on the enlightenment file list and I was suprised to see a little icon displayed in the mail header. As you may know, I have working on mail filtering servers before, so I am very familiar with how e-mail works and the various headers.

I was supprised to discover the X-Face header. It seems to be a pretty neat idea but its rather limited, See below. Anyway, I was just wondering what happens if I try to clear up the image a bit. I applied a 5.0 px gaussian blut and I got what looks like ablurred photograph.

Now, if everyone placed their own faces in their emails using this technique I might be inclined to write a patch for my mail client, Sylpheed, to automatically apply the blur. The only problem is that this is not very popular at all.

Xface image - me X Face - me (blurred)


06 May 2007

Well I moved to Japan. I actually moved in December 2006. So I havent updated this blog in a while. There is a new picture up at the top. But I need to get a new one.