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OpenRISC GCC rewrite

03 Feb 2018

I am working on an OpenRISC GCC port rewrite, here’s why.

For the past few years I have been working as a contributor to the OpenRISC CPU project. My work has mainly been focused on developing interest in the project by keeping the toolchains and software maintained and pushing outstanding patches upstream.

I have made way getting Linux SMP support, the GDB port, QEMU fixes and other patches written, reviewed and committed to the upstream repositories.

However there is one project that has been an issue from the beginning; GCC. OpenRISC has a mature GCC port started in early 2000s. The issue is it is not upstream due to one early contributor not having signed over his copyright. I decided to start with the rewrite. To do this I will:

If you are interested please reach out on IRC or E-mail.


See my articles on the progress of the project.

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