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Edje Text Classes for Textblock

21 Mar 2006

Now that fontconfig is in and working well we need a way to configure fonts in Edje Textblocks. Currently the fonts for text blocks are configured using the text block styles. Styles defined by a "base" style and may have multiple "tag" additions. The following is a simple style.

style {
name: "about_style";
base: "font=Edje-Vera font_size=10 align=center";
tag:  "br" "n";
tag:  "hilight" "+ font=Edje-Vera-Bold";

The style strings are sent to evas after being parsed and fixed by edje. In order to allow text classes to be used correctly we need a way to define text classes for both the base and tag styles seperately.

I am working on adding a new, edje specific, parameter to the style string called "edje_text_style". The parameter will be parsed out before passing the style to the evas_textblock.

The text classes for textblocks will be shared with those for evas text objects. I must make sure that when text classes are updated changes are only made to the textblocks which use the changed class.