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E17 Fonts

15 Mar 2006

A few weeks ago re-compiled a few libraries and programs (GTK, Gimp, etc.) to take advantage of all of the new features, stability and eye candy. One of the programs that I compiled was fontconfig. After installing I noticed that all of my fonts had changed. I have figured out now that when compiling fontconfig my old configuration files in /etc/fonts were overwritten with the compile time defaults.

Eventually, I learned how to configure fontconfig and I was able to get much better results than what I had before. As a part time developer on the enlightenment project I have dealed with fonts before. I developed e17's font text class and font fallbacks configuration interfaces and have expirimented with asian language fonts. Currently, e17 and all of the efl have a very rudimentary where all fonts are shipped with programs or packaged in the edj theme files. This means that fonts get re-installed all of the time; just run locate *.ttf.

This is where fontconfig comes in; from the fontconfig RPM spec:

Fontconfig is designed to locate fonts within the system and select them according to requirements specified by applications.

This sounds like the efl could put this to good use. I have now started to write a wrapper for fontconfig which will go into ecore, this should be called ecore_fontconfig or ecore_fc.